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We are each on a journey of our own self-improvement. Along the way of life, we gather tools to add to our “toolbox”. We learn we can pull from this toolbox at any given time. Maybe we get rid of older tools that no longer serve us while thanking them for the times they did. Maybe we pull out old rusty tools to polish and sharpen. Or lastly, we discover new, shiny tools to add to our collection. Liz Wolf Retreats are sure to improve your “toolbox” in more ways than one.

 4 Main Tools Shared at Liz Wolf Retreats & Workshops: Movement, Stillness, Wisdom, and Integration


If you have a body, (odds are, you do) it’s important to have a movement practice. We store energy in our body and the energy can get stuck or localize. For optimal health, we strive to keep our channels of energy open and free-flowing. Movement is a great way to support this free flow of qi or energy! Movement practice can look like various workout options however, at Liz Wolf  Retreats we focus on the value of intuitive movement. Intuitive ‘Somatic’ movement is a practice of inward guidance to freely move the body versus a performance-inspired movement. Ecstatic Dance and Yoga asana are examples of supported movement practices you may experience at Liz WolfRetreats.


By moving the body and opening the flow of energy it supports us to then sit in stillness. From here, we call on the mind to join the body in stillness. The Western world is evolving as we learn to honor the practice of ‘the sacred pause’. Stillness is a special and productive practice that offers awareness, clarity, and intuitive answers. It’s a space that allows us to orient and align the mind and heart so we can move forward with intention. Stillness can look like many things. Some stillness practices you may experience at Liz Wolf Retreats are; Pranayama; breath regulation, Pratyahara; drawing in of the 5 senses, guided visualizations, and music-assisted meditations.


Through movement and stillness, the mind is now prepared to receive. We’ve oxygenated the blood and in turn, the brain. Through stillness, we’ve created coherent energy between the body and mind. Now is the time to efficiently receive wisdom. Wisdom is combining education with our personal knowings and experiences. Examples of Liz Wolf Retreats wisdom workshops are:

Ayurveda: Air/Fire/Earth personality types.

Chakras: E-motions = Energy in motion.

Masculine/Feminine Energetics: A balancing act.


We spend this time making sure we have practices in place to assure we are using the tools in our toolbox. This can look like journaling practices, mantra/affirmations, strategic goal setting, and connecting with our support groups. Because we learn to celebrate our individuality, we recognize the importance of customizing our discipline practices to fit into our life. We can fill the toolbox but let’s make sure we can access the tools how, where, and when needed. Integration includes tuning into our unique self so we can recognize which practices speak to us. This is essential for embodying life-long habits for success.

Bonus: Community!

Liz Wolf Retreats take special care to curate a safe container to feel and share your most authentic self. The result? Strong lasting bonds are made. When we are authentic, we give others permission to be authentic. Joy and love are felt when we cheer and celebrate our peers in their journey toward expansion. Be prepared to experience the power of community!


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