Liz Wolf, Ayurvedic Therapist

Liz’s ultimate goal is to help others recognize the innate healing wisdom that lives inside each of us.

She began her journey in the Healing Arts in 2000 in Scottsdale, AZ where she went to Massage Therapy School followed by Yoga Teacher Training. She says her studies felt familiar and describes it as coming home to the wisdom that already lives inside her. Throughout the years, Liz’s offerings have taken many shapes from practicing Sports Medicine to co-owning a Day Spa as well as various healing practices.

Along her path as a healer, Liz found herself in leadership roles where she discovered a knack for inspiring others to live their fullest potential. She says, “My Dharma is to guide others to their Dharma.” (i.e.: life’s purpose)

In more recent years, Liz studied Ayurvedic Medicine at Kerala Ayurveda Academy in San Francisco and fell in love. Again, she was met with the feeling of coming home to familiar wisdom. Ayurveda uses the language of elements (ex: earth, fire, air) to identify “energy” then uses counter elements to maintain health and balance in these mind/body energies or “Doshas”. Liz loves Ayurvedic Science for its simple context of nature and says; “When we point to nature, we are all speaking the same language.”

Ayurveda’s use of fundamental science makes life easy to understand. A suffering Liz sees in the world is when we feel misunderstood. Liz strives to relieve this suffering by curating a common language that delivers Eastern wisdom supported by Modern Science.

Biology, psychology, sociology. Liz has yet to meet a science that doesn’t tickle her fancy. In more recent years she’s taken an interest in quantum physics. Liz believes science-supported language, as found in quantum physics, gives validity to words such as “energy”. Energy is something Eastern rhetoric has used for over 5,000 years. Liz’s work bridges the language between Eastern and Western Medicine and delivers it in a unique and enticing way!

In addition to offering dual perspectives on topics such as energy, Liz adds an additional layer of teaching by way of, “see for yourself”. As a yoga teacher and meditation guide, Liz’s 20 years of experience offers a variety of “energy” experimentation. Her workshops and retreats are layered with fun interaction. Come see for yourself and let’s discuss. Liz feels confident her work will leave you feeling empowered as you connect with the healer that lives inside.

*Interested in more on this topic? You may like Liz Wolf’s workshop, “7 Chakras and Science”.

Liz discusses the parallels found in India’s 7 Chakras System, i.e.: Wheels of Energy with the Endocrine System, i.e.: 7 body tissues responsible for hormone release.



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