Talk Therapy

We are each our own greatest teacher. By simply giving voice to our own thoughts, a lot of personal clarity can follow. By speaking our words aloud it allows us to hear, taste, and even feel them in our bodies. Having a safe space to speak our words then feel them in our body, we are able to discover the truths that are or aren’t ours as well as what triggers and traumas are still waiting to be worked through. Our bodies hold so much wisdom and when we tune in, the body speaks to us.

Liz combines her knowledge of Psychoscience, Social Science, Ayurvedic Science, and vast experience with bio-mechanics to offer a very holistic approach to healing.

Sessions always begin with meditation then guided by an organic flow. A session can include guided visualizations, custom mantras ie: affirmations, food intake assessments, and circadian rhythm alignment. Sessions can also include “time travel” as Liz calls it, which consists of visiting the inner-child and visiting the highest self.

Liz Wolf therapy practices are rooted in Ayurvedic Science, Chakra Alignment, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Inner child studies, Mantra, Reiki, and Dharma ie: life’s purpose.

You can connect via phone, zoom, or in-person. You decide what fits for you!

Talk Therapy Pricing:

Single Sessions:  Sliding scale $80-$220

You decide what fits best for you!

Monthly Mentorship:

Sliding scale: $500-$800

2 Sessions. 2 check-ins. Around-the-clock support as needed.


Private Session?