What is your “Dosha” mind/body energy type?

Pick the answers that sound most like you over the span of your life.

  1. When playing sports my goal is to:
    A) Move my body.
    B) Win!
    C) Have a good time.
  2. My vacation priorities:
    A) Visit new places.
    B) Create a scheduled agenda and maximize opportunities.
    C) Relax.
  3. Food preferences:
    A) Smoothies and salads.
    B) Savory and spicy.
    C) Comfort food.
  4. Appetite:
    A) I forgot to eat. A snack will do.
    B) I am always hungry, feed me.
    C) Moderate.
  5. If I don’t eat for a while, I can feel:
    A) Anxious
    B) “Hangry” (angry/hungry)
    C) I am pretty chill and unaffected.
  6. On my day off I want to:
    A) Go wherever the wind takes me.
    B) Cross things off my to-do list.
    C) Sleep in.
  7. My digestion tends to lean towards:
    A) Dry and constipated.
    B) Fast and sometimes loose stools.
    C) Moderate.
  8. When talking I speak:
    A) Fast and may go on tangents.
    B) To the point.
    C) I prefer to listen.
  9. My Exercise Routine:
    A) The latest fad.
    B) It is not a workout if you don’t sweat.
    C) A stroll in nature.
  10. Body Temperature:
    A) I am always cold.
    B) I run hot.
    C) I adapt to my surroundings.
  11. Sleep:
    A) My thoughts wake me up early. Less than 8 hours.
    B) I crash hard then feel rested. 8 hours feels good.
    C) It takes me a long time to wake up. More than 8 hours.
  12. Catch Phrase:
    A) “Can I change my mind?”
    B) “My way is the best way.”
    C) “It’s all good.”
  13. My skin is prone to:
    A) Dryness.
    B) Rashes and acne.
    C) Oiliness.
  14. Energy levels:
    A) Sporadic spurts.
    B) I go hard until I hit the pillow.
    C) Slow and steady wins the race.


Mostly A’s = VATA!

You carry more air and ether elements. The world loves your moving energy and your expansive ideas. You are here to bring new ideas to the world. You are good at dreaming big. Make time for your daydreaming. Advice for Vatas is to pick one of those ideas, pull it down from the ethers, then create a way to bring it into Earth form so we can all enjoy it. What good is an idea if it stays up in the clouds?

Imbalanced tendencies: Spacey and Forgetfulness, Anxiety, and worry.

Mantra for balance: “It feels good to be with my breath and in my body.” Start sentences with: “I feel.”

Dharma/career paths for Vata: Inventor, innovator, philosopher, actor, artist.

General food suggestions: Make time to sit for a warm meal, preferably full of grounding root vegetables or a warm soup. Choose warm water and teas over cold drinks.

Mostly B’s = Pitta!
You carry the fire element. Your linear and direct way of thinking gets things done! Fire energy sees clearly and can transform ideas into action. You are passionate. Bring this passion to your work and to your relationships and the world will benefit. While passion brings love and life to things, be cautious as your passion can fuel anger and impatience. Remember to be easy on yourself as you have a tendency towards perfectionism and competitiveness.

Advice for Pittas: occasionally trade in your sweaty workout for an easy stroll or update your Netflix cue with a comedy over back-to-back documentaries.

Imbalanced tendencies: Burn out, anger and impatience.

Mantra for Balance: “Life is fun and enjoyable.” “I like to play.”

Dharma / career paths for Pitta: Boss, CEO, Leader. Your scheduling and list making skills are strengths for getting things done. Pittas thrive when they are in charge.

General food suggestions: Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Berries, bananas, rice, potatoes. Easy on the spices, and alcohol.

Mostly C’s = Kapha!

You carry mostly earth and water energy. Water goes with the flow and earth is patient. The world loves your calming and easy-going presence. Do not feel pressure to go at the pace of others. Your grounding energy is a beautiful polarity to other’s fast-paced movement. Your Kapha energy brings balance, structure, stability, and a sense of safety to others.

You are so good at taking care of others but don’t forget to take care of yourself! Find which hobbies or self-care routines you like and fit them into your schedule. The world loves your giving energy. Make sure to give back to yourself so you can sustain your giving nature.

Imbalanced tendencies: Stubborn, easily holds grudges, static.

Mantra for Balance: “I embrace impermanence and recognize that everything is constantly changing.”

Career paths for Kapha: Therapist, teacher, nurse, and caretakers.

General food suggestions: Leafy greens such as kale, arugula, and cilantro. Add spices to your food such as pepper, cayenne, and cardamom. Easy on the salt.

*Always choose organically grown food over processed food.

*Ayurveda suggestions: cook veggies instead of eating them raw, eat fruit at snack time versus with meals, and choose room temperature drinks over iced or cold beverages.