beginner to advanced

Talk Therapy:

Watch the healing fall into place by traveling through the mind channel. Clients visit their inner child and highest self to gain clarity and breakthroughs. Liz lives for guiding clients to their “Ah-ha” moments.

Ayurvedic Meal Planning:

Ayurvedic science teaches “when” you eat can be more important than “what” you eat. Liz works closely with clients to customize a meal plan that honors their unique “dosha” or energy type while also honoring the circadian rhythm of the season.

Private Yoga Session:

Whether you seek strength and confidence or rest and relaxation, there’s a yoga pose for that! Work with Liz to co-create custom yoga sequencing that has you living your best quality life.


A Retreat for Teens

Teens are experiencing more stress today than previous generations. Having experienced a worldwide pandemic, teens have lost their community and connection. Our Summer retreat will bring their inner world back into focus while reconnecting with their tribe.  Some outcomes may include the following: 

  • Will Help Raise Self-Love and Love for Others

  • Will Help Regulate Their Sleep Patterns
  • Will Help Balance Their Thought Patterns
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