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Retreat for Teens in Austin is a 3-day inspirational summer camp from 10am – 7pm Monday-Wednesday. It is not an overnight event.

Teens ages 14-18 will experience an unforgettable and life-changing event as they dive deep on their journey inward. Along the way, they will gather new tools for emotional intelligence and confidence. The Teens will practice getting in touch with their inner wisdom through meditation, ecstatic dance, and Ayurvedic workshops (the science of elements). The best part is, they get to do it together as they co-create a supportive community.

This 3-day summer camp is sure to leave your teen feeling:
Whole, inspired, confident, curious, and accepted.

Community and Connection!
Through intimate exercises such as sharing circles and eye gazing, special bonds are created within the retreat attendees. The Retreat team takes a special effort to curate a nurturing and safe container where attendees feel safe to express, feel and heal. The result? A strong connection with self and with the community takes place.

*All attendees are autonomous and invited to listen to their own level of comfort for self-expression.

As a mother to teens herself, Liz has a love for watching teens grow and now a passion to offer guidance and assistance on their growth journeys. “I see how hungry Youth are for tools and language to their own emotional maturity. I see that communication is an area that can hold a lot of suffering. I’m sure we can all relate to feeling misunderstood. By spending time cultivating and shaping a shared language it allows us to move forward with more success and less suffering.” As an Ayurvedic Therapist, Liz has found the language of elements to be her favorite platform to build off of. She says, “When we look to nature, we are all speaking the same language.”

Liz has a way of delivering her content in a fun and easy to understand way. Her students are captivated and left inspired to start living their best life!

Class Schedule

Days & Hours

Monday, June 21. 2021
Tuesday, June 22. 2021
Wednesday, June 23. 2021

Hours: 10am – 7pm

  • Breath practices
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and Somatic Dance
  • Chakra Workshop
  • Live Music
  • Live Podcast viewing
  • Community

Video Preview

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PLEASE NOTE: After you fill out the form,  please download the Release of Liabilty PDF form below.  For your convenience, there is an option to send the PDF to Liz via email. Lastly, click on the PayPal button to submit your payment and reserve your spot. Thank you so much. Liz looks forward to working with your Teen!

Release of Liability

We want “Retreat for Teens” to be accessible to all who feel called. Our pricing options offer an opportunity to pick the price that fits your life. By paying the ‘Abundant’ price point, you are opening doors, not just for your teen but for others as well.

If you don’t see a price point that fits your circumstances, reach out to Liz via email. We believe in making education available to all.

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Qualified Instructors

Liz Wolf
Ayurvedic Therapist

Lead Retreat Guide
Longtime Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Mother to Teens.

Garrain Jones
Author and Podcaster

Guest Motivational Speaker
Athlete, Actor, and Model. Passionate Lover of Life.


June 21 @ 10:00 am
June 23 @ 7:00 pm
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Liz Wolf, LLC
(737) 213.7363


Casa De Luz
1701 Toomey Rd.
Austin, TX 78704 United States
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